Rectangular DAF

NF-R & HFT Series

Gen. II, HFS-1016 M

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The HF-R Series incorporates the highly effective Nucleation Chamber Pressure Release and Mixing System as the NF Series circular DAF but under a rectangular footprint and is designed for heavy industrial waste stream clarification.

The Patent Pending HFT Series Hydronucleation Flotation Systems is designed for Surface Water Treatment, Potable Water Pretreatment, and Freshwater Body Remediation through  Algae Harvesting and Nutrient Removal.

  • Flow Range: 0.1- 1 MGD
  • Integrated Chemical Preparation and Feed Systems
  • Highly Efficient EcosAire Air Dissolving Tank
  • Extended Retention Time Coagulation and Flocculation Zones
  • Unique, Low Velocity Release and Diffusion Zone
  • Flotation Compartment Lamellas
  • Innovative “Wrap Around” Effluent Withdrawal
  • Full System Automation with Cellular Connectivity
  • Optional Emissions Capture Vapor Phase Carbon Treatment