Preparation for Services

Background Information

• Provide critical background information in advance.
• Make site and system drawings for review.
• Provide NOVs and other information for review.
• Schedule entry and exit meeting time with key personnel.
• Provide a tour of the critical area of the facility.
• Provide PPE requirements.
• Hotel recommendations are always appreciated.

Treatability Work Preparation

• Collect a composite sample of waste streams over the 24 hour period immediately prior to first day scheduled for treatability work.
• Existing treatment process and waste streams must be made accessible for sampling.
• Provide assistance in collecting samples.
• Provide sample bottles prepared by the facility’s self-monitoring environmental testing laboratory for parameters of interest. Six sets are usually adequate. Chain of Custody forms are also required.
Note: the client will be responsible for the cost of sample analyses unless other arrangements are made.
• A well-lighted bench top area of 10 – 20 sq. ft. is required.
• Bench area should be near a sink or other fresh water source.
• Provide several clean 5-gallon buckets with lids.• Other items needed may include shop towels etc.