Process Optimization and Upgrading

Process Optimization for Industrial Applications in:

• Wastewater Treatment
• Product Recovery
• By-product Recovery
• Algae Biomass Recovery
• Residuals Dewatering

• Water Recovery
• Water Reuse
• Residuals Handling
• Nutrient Removal

Maintaining required performance at minimum cost is sometimes achieved by making a single critical process adjustment. More often it is achieved through a series of measures that require a thorough assessment of each step in the process train.

Our experience with hundreds of process streams and most physical/chemical unit operations enables us to diagnose and identify factors inhibiting performance and provide effective remedies. This is accomplished, in part, by conducting side by side bench scale process simulations that generate information directly comparable to full scale system performance. In addition to standard jar testing techniques, bench scale Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Settling, Filtration, and Dewatering tests are employed.

Who Benefits?

Industrial End Users
Consulting Engineers

Chemical Suppliers
Process Equipment Manufactures


A concise written Report of Findings is compiled which documents the assessments’ observations, conclusions, and recommendations. Ecosa can often facilitate implementation of the recommendations.

Areas of Assessment Include:

Plant Operations

– Production, Product Changes, Sanitation, Etc.

Upstream Processes

– Screening, Equalization, Gross Material Recovery

Treatment Chemistry

– Performance of treatment chemicals
- How they are prepared and applied (injection points and mixing environment)
- Variations in chemical demand and waste characteristics
- Influence on sludge characteristics

Treatment Process

- Flotation, Settling, Filtration, Solids Handling, Others